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Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
26 April 2011 @ 12:26 pm
I recently entered a "Cosplay Idol" competition put on by Otaku House. Long, long ago, my picture got lost in the shuffle of endless amazing cosplays. Despite that sad truth, I have been really enjoying the talent that has been showcased in this contest! There are a lot of amazing pictures. Of course I'm a little biased, and tend to spend my "likes" on the ones that say they're homemade, but no matter what, most of these entries legit look the parts they are playing. I've decided to post links to some of my favorite contestants. Since there are hundreds and hundreds of them, It's difficult to even pick which ones I want to post, but I'll do my best to narrow them down. I'm only going include my favorites from the first 200 entries.  I'll post the rest later, so be watching for them. Beware, not only will I be posting pictures I think are awesome, I will also be shamelessly promoting my friends who have entered the competition. So vote for them or die!

I'll include the link to the page where their entries are located, so that if you have facebook you can vote for them by clicking "like" on Otaku House's page, then "like" the picture you are voting for.

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I'm really impressed with some of the cosplayers representing North America in this competition, there really is a lot of talent around our country. May the best one win!

Phew! Glad that's over. Oh wait, it isn't even close. I'll be going through the other North American entries later, and I will post a blog about the next set of 200 and so on.

Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
11 January 2011 @ 09:23 am
In Alabama, Snow is a big freaking deal. Since we never usually get it, the fact that we've had snow covered grounds TWICE in the past 2 months is completely unheard of. And this time around, Snowpocalypse 2011, we got a solid layer of ice which has not even begun to think about melting....which is also unheard of. In 'Bama if it takes the time to snow, it's usually back to dirt and grass within hours. But since this time around has given us a lovely blanket of white, I can't stop thinking of it as a perfect cosplay background!

Since I didn't prepare myself with any costumes specific to snow/ice, I just tossed on a kimono and went outside.

Partly because I didn't have anything else prepared, but also because kimono was really the only idea in my head. I tried to google ice/snow characters, or characters that live in icy climates, and the answers were so sparse that I just sort of gave up. That's why this blog post is going to consist of a semi-long list of characters that one can cosplay in snowy situations. If you are like me, and want to brave the elements for good photos, this list should be of interest to you.

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Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
02 January 2011 @ 12:09 pm

   It's the beginning of a new year! 2010 was FILLED with cosplay for me. It was probably my busiest costume year to date. Due to work, I was only able to attend a few cons, but I still stayed super busy with crafting and sewing. I owe this increase in craft to the formation of our cosplay group, Jedigami. Ever since the group began, I've made it my personal goal to wear something different to each meetup, even if I was only to attend the meetup for a few hours. It keeps me busy, on task, and I enjoy the challenge of getting new costumes together in short periods of time.

   This post is basically a review of cos-crap I've done all year. Pics of my finished work, and some of my faves I've taken of other's outfits and our group cosplays at cons and meetups. 


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Sorry for the crazy image heavy post this time. On second thought, I'm not really that sorry.

2010 was filled with cosplay fun and cosplay fails. Here's to hoping '11 is the best costume year yet :D

Plans for 2011?

Lady from DMC
Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann
Anya from Code Geass
Sailor Pluto 
Sailor Saturn 
Eruka Frog from Soul Eater
Tifa from FFVII

and whatever else I feel like throwing together. Can't wait to get started!


Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
07 December 2010 @ 11:04 pm
Because I've been insanely, horridly busy, I've been on a blogging hiatus for a while. For some reason I am actually SITTING on my couch currently (which I thought I'd forgotten how to do!) and I remembered..." Oh yeah, I have a blog about cosplay...."

So since tonight I actually finished my first official cosplay in my new sewing room (Cait Sith from FFVII) I think I'll use it as the theme for this post to celebrate.

Humanoid Cosplay.

Not furries, for crying out loud - I can't take them seriously - but rather, cosplay that is creatively designed around a character that is normally an animal. In a non-scary and cute way. Also known as "Moe anthropomorphism" or "Gijinka"

Here are some of the best ones I found while digging through the abundance of cosplay.com entries on the subject.
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Well, that was fun. I'm glad I was able to sit on my butt long enough to actually make a blog entry. I hope to do the same thing again soon - because resting is pretty great for once. :)
Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
27 September 2010 @ 05:34 pm

The latest Jedigami Cosplay meetup was a BLAST! We decided to have a picnic at the Oak Mountain State Park beach. We set up camp at a picnic table under the trees and enjoyed some delicious noms. Then we all went swimming in the lake and played a bit of beach volleyball. We even had a drawing for a potions necklace courtesy of Meredith, and a fun Zombie Run! The weather was PERFECT (not too cold, not too hot!) and the water was great. We had about 40 members attend this meetup - making it our largest one to date! I am so glad to see the group growing. Made a few new friends, as per usual, and took TONS of pictures.

This meetup I dressed as Videl from DBZ, and made a Gohan costume for my husband. My friend Liz and I split off to do our own little costume photoshoots of my Videl and her Darth Lydia. We also did a photoshoot of Gohan Vs Naruto (with our friend Gavin, another cosplayer in the group) Here are some highlights of our mini-shoots!


Also, here are more highlights from the meetup!

Everyone hanging around the picnic area for some laughs...

Videl Vs. Rukia

Yoko as Bubbles

A special appearance by our littlest Jedi :)

Volleyball time!

The resident metal-heads...

Water gun battles!

Zombie run!

Swimming in the lake...

Thanks to everyone for coming and making this meetup such a success! I hope we continue to have a great time as a group, and can't wait for October's meetup!

Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
03 September 2010 @ 04:35 pm
   So, our next meetup is this month, and I am planning on doing the other version of Videl Satan (the one with the pigtails) and I am going to make a Gohan outfit for my husband. I am nearly finished with my costume (because let's face it, Videl doesn't ever wear anything complicated!) and have all the pieces to get started on Gohan soon. xD

   For Videl I got a white T-shirt at Walmart for 5 bucks, and some tight black shorts at the thrift store for $1. I glued a blank CD on a flat brooch, and plan on using it as the base for my school badge. I'm going to make the badge from felt and glue it right onto the CD Brooch I made. (pics to come!) For the boots, I am going to find some flat boots at the Thrift Store next week so I can glue some boot covers onto it (I found green felt that is the PERFECT color for this!) For Gohan, I am doing a bit of clothing surgery on some dark blue doctor's scrubs (Thrift store, $3 a piece) Gonna open up the chest and hem it in, add a belt/sash and make some arm and leg warmers all out of spare fabric.

I LOVE budget cosplay! This is an example of a costume that is SO much cheaper homemade. on Google Shopping, I found a Videl costume for upwards of $50, and Gohan for $60. Mine will only cost me just over $10 for Videl, and under $10 for Gohan o.0

   Because I am always excited about Dragonball Z Costumes (also, I was watching DBZ Kai just earlier today) and I am in a super Dragonball mood, I decided to dig through cosplay.com's finest DBZ costumes. Here are the pics of my favorite cosplayers, with links back to their pages so you can go tell them just how great they look!

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Hope everyone enjoyed the Dragonball Z goodness! Now, off to work on boot covers for my own DBZ creations!

Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
16 August 2010 @ 06:44 am
Our cosplay group held our latest meetup at a Birmingham con - Sukoshi-con. S-con was a one day con, but was just as fun as any other 3-day con I've attended. The vendors were good, the entertainment was fun, and the friends were as good as anyone could ask for! There was a rock band contest, cosplay contest, and even a late night anime Rave. There were also a few panels, and although I was unable to attend any of the panels because of work (ugh), I was told they were very fun :) I was also informed that a few members of our group did an excellent job on the Rock Band tourney, and one of our members (Sam Blazer) even won a judge's pick award for her Umbreon cosplay! I'm so proud! *sniff, sniff, tear*

Sam's Award

Some of our group members Rockin' out
I took tons of pictures while I was there, and passed the camera off to a friend when I left. Also, some of our other group members brought their cameras. Here are just a few photos out of the hundreds....
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The night was definitely full of fun, and I can't wait until the next meetup. This may have just been the best one yet! We were able to tell a lot of people about our group, so we'll hopefully have a lot of new faces at our next gathering. Looking forward to seeing all of our new friends there!

Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
12 August 2010 @ 07:23 pm

Recently I dove into the world of Wa-Lolita, and I loved it there. I hadn't worn a Wa-loli outfit before, but now that I have put one together I certainly plan on doing it again. Of course upon leaping into this Lolita sub-genre, I decided to load up on cute Wa-loli pictures that I loved. Here were some of my favorites I found while driving down google and devart blvd.

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Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
01 August 2010 @ 04:46 pm
I love handmade items. When I'm not making my own things, I really like to check out what some of the great artists of the internet have done. Sometimes a good handmade item is light years ahead of the things you see in catalogs or big company websites. Because I love scouring Etsy for amazing finds, I decided to post some of the cosplay and steampunk items that have really grabbed my attention.

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Diary of an Otaku Madwoman...
24 July 2010 @ 10:48 am

Recently attended the Jedigami group's latest meetup. This time we all gathered our costumes and took a trip to the Galleria! We met up at the food court and then migrated our way down to the Koko bubble tea stand and arcade area. Everyone looked great. We had a Dante, Jedi, Wa Lolita, and Ninja among others. This time we made sure not to break any rules (see previous post! lol) and we had a lot of fun. Although I had to leave early for a previous engagement, I still enjoyed the event and made a few new friends. Also, got myself some peach bubble tea, which is ALWAYS a good thing. I was told by my fellow Jedigami that after the Galleria, they all took a trip over to the Rave movie theater to continue the meetup there.

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